Tutorials written by Ozzy Rodriguez about WordPress, Genesis and other stuff.

Genesis Responsive Menu 2.0

A Genesis responsive menu with support for collapsible sub menus must be some sort of coding unicorn. Why do I say that? Well, because there are tons of tutorials out there that show you ways of adding a responsive menu to your website built with the Genesis Framework and some of them are pretty good…. Read More about Genesis Responsive Menu 2.0

How to Embed Video in WordPress 3.9

One of the coolest new features of WordPress 3.9 is the ability to automatically embed responsive HTML5 video directly into the WordPress editor. It’s really easy to do and it looks amazing. You can even embed a “chromeless” YouTube or Vimeo video that will integrate perfectly with your theme. It’s been pretty easy to embed… Read More about How to Embed Video in WordPress 3.9