Custom WordPress Design & Development

Custom WordPress Web Design & Development – Do You Differentiate from the Crowd?

You take great pride in keeping your storefront clean and professional. What business owner doesn’t? You do that because you know the more organized and cared for your company appears, the more credibility you communicate to your customers.

The same idea applies to WordPress web design and development, which creates your virtual storefront.

Depending on which research you read, between 80 – 99% of all purchases, both online and offline, begin with online research. If your website looks like all the others, or if it looks older than 3 years, people don’t trust your business can deliver them what they want. Instead of browsing around your website and perhaps sharing it with their friends, they quickly move on to another website, completely forgetting yours even exists.

I Help You Design Your Custom WordPress Website with the Big Picture in Mind

When you think about website, your natural thought is to make a flashy, engaging design that stands out from all others. There’s nothing wrong with making your site attractive to the average customer’s eye, but if that’s all you focus on, you run the risk of alienating your customers by not focusing on other vitally important design aspects. In addition to an attractive design, it’s also important your:

  • Website loads fast – even just a tenth of a second in additional load time reduces the number of people who stay at your website
  • Site is SEO-ready – websites can be designed to be more or less SEO-friendly, and I make sure yours is completely optimized for SEO from the start
  • Navigation is simple – make the design too flashy and creative, and people will leave. They need to know what you want them to do right now
  • Design communicates your company culture – people want to do business with companies that interact with them in very personal ways. I can help your company culture instantly become clear and connect with your customers

Receive an Honest Opinion from an Experienced Professional

As an experienced WordPress web designer, I know what works and what doesn’t. And, I’m not afraid to tell you if something you’re considering doesn’t work, and then show you an alternative method of accomplishing the goal you have in mind.

If you would like a custom WordPress design that makes an immediate impact and helps turn visitors into paying customers, contact me for a FREE QUOTE.