Genesis Child Theme Customization

Genesis Theme Customization – Does Your Website Look the Way You Want?

When you have your visual design in place and everything exactly where you want it, web design is very enjoyable. But, what if, after you start using your website, you realize it might serve your customers better if you made some changes?

Or, what if your customers have complained your site lacks certain functionality?

Maybe your design is starting to look fairly dated. You don’t have the budget available to make a dramatic overhaul, but you do know you could allocate enough to make the most essential changes.

In any of these cases, it’s time to make changes. But, who can you count on to do the job?

A Web Design Professional Makes Genesis Theme Customization Easy

You don’t have time to figure out where to make coding changes, or which changes to make. The very same work that takes you hours costs a professional just minutes of time. You need the services of a professional who:

  • Help you pick a Genesis child theme to best suit your needs
  • Can be counted on to help you promptly
  • Gives you the best recommendations, but doesn’t tell you what you want to hear
  • Has years of experience in a young industry
  • Makes the customer service process smooth and easy

I recommend you continue using the Genesis Framework because of the many child themes available, it’s easy to customize, has great customer service, and has almost no customization limits.

I Can Help You Make Any Customizations You Need

With over 10 years of experience designing websites of all kinds, I have the skills necessary to make any customization you need. I also see the big picture of designing and customizing websites, which means I don’t just give you an attractive design and go on my way. Instead, I ensure your website:

  • Loads lightning fast
  • Is 100% SEO-friendly
  • Clearly communicates your personal/company messaging
  • Makes navigation simple for your visitors
  • Displays properly on PCs, smartphones, and iPads

If you are looking for an honest opinion from a professional you can trust, and someone you can count on to provide prompt, reliable customer service, let me know what you need customized and I’ll give you a FREE QUOTE.