1. tony greene

      Instead of using Title Toggle, couldn’t this be handled by WordPress SEO edit box for changing titles?

      1. Robert Neu

        Title toggle conditionally disables the output of genesis_do_post_title. Yoast’s plugin is for modifying the page title meta tag.

  1. Keith Davis

    Seen it noe Carrie – useful article and a great collection of plugins.
    Yes – never heard of the Title Toggle – catchy name.
    Thanks for putting this one together Robert.

  2. Wordpress Smith

    Personally I would say that my Genesis Shortcodes is better than the Column Shortcodes for Genesis Themes mainly because mine was there first and contains everything they have plus more. Plus any time I have a need for a shortcode, I add it to Genesis Shortcodes. Of course, I am also biased by the fact that I wrote it. Ha!

  3. tony greene

    The only Genesis on the list here that I use is the simple hooks and menus. Migrating from the mobile platform since Genesis is already responsive.

  4. Faiek Galant

    Thanks !! After years of struggling in environment I just did not see myself anymore I finally decided to take the jump and startup my own webdesign co , The problem was I did not know coding too well yet. I was eager to learn and knew enough to do the bacis but I needed to hit the ground running and could not afford all my time learning html , csc and php. I searched everywhere for a viable solid wordpress framework and I just invested in Studiopress/Genesis along with all themes (premium membership).

    I must state that it was the best decision ever , The plugins and support is simply awesome !!!!! Thanks for this list , its going to make my life so much easier

  5. Jacob Perl

    Thank you for this list…looks like some useful stuff I didn’t know about. I know you’re probably bracing for some “how did X plugin not make this list”, so…how did Genesis Extender not make this list? 🙂

    1. Robert Neu

      Personally I’m not a huge fan of the Genesis Extender. I realize a lot of people really like it, and I know we could make some affiliate commissions from it, but since I wouldn’t use it on my own sites I decided to leave it out.

      To be honest, I don’t really understand why people use it. If people want to mess around with PHP and extend their child theme’s functionality, they would be better off learning how to do it using a code editor, version control, etc. If all they’re looking to do is change the way the theme looks then I feel Design Palette Pro is a better solution.

      I’d actually be really interested to hear from some people who use Genesis Extender about why they like it and what problems it solves for them.

      1. Jacob Perl

        Actually Extender is not a competitor to Design Palette – it does not offer the design component that Dynamik Web Builder has. I think of Extender as more comparable in utility to Simple Hooks + Simple Sidebars combined plus much more. I like the convenience of the Hook Boxes and widget areas. One other thing to consider about using a child theme is that if the child theme provider provides an update it will wipe out any additions you’ve made to your functions.php and style.css files, whereas those additions are preserved when using Extender. I do agree that ultimately it’s good to learn to manually code everything yourself, but you did include Simple Hooks and Simple Sidebars, after all!

        1. Robert Neu

          Haha that’s a fair point about simple hooks. I personally don’t really like that one either, but I decided to include it because it’s free and a lot of people seem to find it useful. If the extender were free I might have included it as well. Simple sidebars is a bit of a different story since it doesn’t actually allow inexperienced users to run any code on their site.

          I guess I just don’t really understand the convenience factor. I don’t find it any more convenient to code directly in the admin vs writing code in a code editor and then deploying it. You really shouldn’t be editing code on a live site anyway, so the whole thing just seems like a really strange concept to me.

          1. Eric Hamm

            Hey Robert,

            It doesn’t sound like you really “get” Extender. Your comments about it seem to suggest that the Genesis Extender Plugin is simply a backend CSS and PHP editor which is simply not the case.

            But also, after reading some of your other comments about my products in various venues I can’t help but scratch my head as to why you seem to have such a negative perspective toward Dynamik and Extender. You keep stating that “you just can’t figure out why anyone would find Dynamik/Extender useful” and yet you don’t seem to have much of a grasp on what the products do in the first place.

            I’d be happy to show you how Genesis Extender can be an extremely useful Plugin and why so many people use it as an “extension” to their Genesis Child Theme. You can Skype me anytime. 🙂


          2. Robert Neu

            Hi Eric,

            While I appreciate the offer, I’ve already spent quite a bit of time testing the extender and I do understand the point of it pretty well. I just don’t agree with the premise of it.

            In my opinion, the back end of WordPress is not a development tool and there’s nothing about the extender that you can’t do with an IDE like PHPStorm or even a text editor like Sublime. There a few things about it that are kind of neat, such as the front-end CSS builder, but the overall implementation is just not something that I’m comfortable recommending to people.

            I don’t think I can write a fair review in the comments of this thread, so maybe it’s time I actually spend a few hours and write a real review that steps through all my issues with the plugin. I’ll try to get something written up within the next couple weeks.

  6. Pat Fortino

    Thanks for this great list. There are several I’ve never heard of but desperately needed: Genesis Grid ( I was manually coding this), and Genesis Style Trump (so many times when even !important wouldn’t do the job.

  7. Pat Fortino

    I have a question about Genesis Featured Widget Amplified. You said it no longer works in genesis. I use genesis 2.x on all sites and this plugin works and works with custom post types. Am I missing something here? The sandbox plugin seems like the same thing.

    1. Robert Neu

      Hey Pat! The main issue with GFWA is that it doesn’t use HTML5 markup and the code is outdated. It runs instances of query_posts which can cause serious performance issues on sites that use multiple instances of it and/or get a lot of traffic.

      I think Nick is in the process of rewriting it so it probably will be fixed eventually, but it’s been out of date for quite a while. In the meantime, the sandbox plugin is a good alternative that supports HTML5 and has options for query caching built-in.

      1. Pat Fortino

        Hi Robert. Thanks for the info on the Sandbox genesis plugin. I didn’t realize the Amplified plugin has performance issue when used multiple times, and I do that all the time.

    1. Robert Neu

      Glad you liked it Melanie! There’s even more out there that probably deserve to be on the list, but I just never seem to have enough time to test things out. 😛

  8. Ravi Kumar

    Nice collection of Plugins for Genesis Framework. You did a great job Robert..Thanks a lot

  9. Gothic Gourd Girl

    Building my first website, totally in my own, for the first time. Genesis is super. Will be looking to check these out ASAP. Thanks! And, thanks for being polite while still refusing to compromise your own beliefs, regardless of pressure or monetary gain. I know nothing about these plugins, but I do know a bunch of unscrupulous creeps who will recommend almost anything (and lie and say they really love it when they don’t) for moolah or free stuff. You rock.

  10. rohit

    wow Ozzy, very helpful I am using genesis and had less Idea how can I use so much of plugins to make my website more professional great write up thanks and keep it up the great work

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