Design and Development for Chocholaty Chiropractic

I want my site to represent me

When I first met Dr. Sherry Chocholaty, the first thing she said was “I want my site to better show who I am”. It had been a while since her last site was designed or even updated and as time goes on, you should re-design your site.

Chocholaty Chiropractic Center Screenshot
New Chocholaty Chiropractic Center Site

Designing the site

In speaking with Dr. Sherry, she mentioned she had a ton of pictures she could show me to show what she’d been up to since her last site was designed.

I thought a better idea would be to include some of these pictures in the new site design. This is where the idea for the “mural” came from.

What people have to say about how she’s helped them was a big deal to her so the site was designed with a testimonials area on the front page as well as inner pages.

Although Dr. Chocholaty isn’t a huge social media junkie, she thought she might be able to start using some of it to let her patients know when she might be out of the office for some reason or another. A place on the site to place a Twitter feed would allow her to have people visit her site and let them know right away.

WordPress development for Chocholaty Chiropractic Center

Since I’m a WordPress developer who uses the Genesis Framework, of course I used both of these great tools. Once the design was approved, it was basically a PSD to Genesis job.

Chocholoaty Chiropractic Center Old Site
Image of the old Chocholaty Chiropractic site
Based on the design, some custom post types were created for the mural area, testimonials as well as the logos at the bottom of the home page. All decisions were made to make it easier for Chocholaty Chiropractic to update and add to the site as easily as possible.

As always, coding to be as clean and making the site as SEO-friendly as possible.

Dr. Sherry and her team were very happy with the new site and are excited about what it means. It was a pleasure to work on this site as well as Chocholaty Chiropractic Center!

I’d love to hear what you think about the new design or if you have any questions about it. Please leave a comment below!


  1. Bill

    I really like the looks of this. Home page is awesome. Chrome gives me bad flashes of the background images. FF just a little fade, actually looks kinda cool. Also like the hover effect on the 3 sections on the homepage.

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      Thanks, Bill.

      We wanted to do a different look than most chiropractic sites. A little out of the ordinary and it came together well.

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