Open Letter to Google by Fleetwood Mac

People are saying SEO is dead. SEO’s are crying out to Google and asking what it is they’re doing wrong and what can they do to fix it. Small businesses websites’ have been tanking in search results because of Google’s affinity for algorithm change and the fact that people have been reluctant to change. Algorithm and manual penalties abound. Disavowing links and reconsideration requests are everywhere.

How can you let Google know your feelings about the sleepless nights, the countless hours spent sifting through data and disappearing sales?

Well friends, you don’t have to.

All you have to do is sing at the top of your lungs. Why? Back in 1977, Fleetwood Mac released their single “Go Your Own Way” that epitomizes your very plight! (If you don’t know who Fleetwood Mac are or who Lindsey Buckingham is, stick around, I’m about to drop some knowledge on your ass). Don’t believe me? Let me explain:

Rumours album covor
Lindsey Buckingham: The first SEO.

First verse: “But I love you, Google”

Loving you
Is it the right thing to do?
How can I ever change things
That I feel?

This is your opening line to Google asking if you really should love them so much. Yes they’re the most popular search engine, holding about 67.5% as of Decemeber of 2013, but should I put all of my efforts into pleasing you?

I remember the good ol’ days of just buying links or posting a new blog post on an article farm worked. Back when I used to make so much money for doing the smallest of things. I want to go back to when you couldn’t figure out when I was buying links or just spamming in general.

If I could
Baby I’d give you my world
How can I
When you won’t take it from me?

Google, I’d do anything for you. I’ll blog everyday. I’ll pay for your Adwords. I’ll keyword stuff the hell out of my site if it means you’ll love me! But it doesn’t seem to matter what I do, you won’t show my site any love.

Chorus: “Fine Google. Do what you will”

You can go your own way
Go your own way
You can call it
Another lonely day
You can go your own way
Go your own way

Well Google, I’ve done everything I can for you. My article building and content marketing isn’t working anymore because I’m not ranking like I used to. Copying articles and spinning them doesn’t seem to gain the same traction as it used to.

Keep refining your processes so you stop me from gaming search engine rankings. Damn you. Do whatever you want. I’m a mess.

Screw you, Google.

Verse 2: “Google, you changed it up on me. WHY??????

Tell me why
Everything turned around
Packing up
Shacking up is all you wanna do

Call it Panda and Penguin and change the way your rankings work with Hummingbird. Why are you trying to get so good at trying to keep me out of work? If my lame ass tactics won’t work anymore, how can I keep charging clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for SEO services? You’re ruining my business!

It only seems like you love stuff that’s on YouTube or people who use Google+. You keep buying companies and, of course, those will rank!

If I could
Baby I’d give you my world
Open up
Everything’s waiting for you

Cat Begging
Please, Google. I’ll do anything for a treat!
I’ll start adding fresh content. I promise. I’ll blog everyday if I have to. Come see my new content, Google. You’ll love it. It’s written well now. No longer am I hiring content creators who spin articles for me. It’s real. It’s fresh. It’s relevant!

Maybe you’ve penalized me for it and maybe you haven’t. You haven’t told me. If you send your bots back they’ll find all of this awesome new stuff. I’m only using branded links now! You can see for yourself if you’d only take the time to look!

Please, Google, please!


I told you Fleetwood Mac knew what they were talking about. They knew what would be happening now way back in 1977.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my semi-humorous take on the state of SEO. Sorry if you didn’t, but I’ve heard the many cries for help. I’m sorry if buying links isn’t working anymore. Really sorry that the off-shore article building you paid for isn’t working out for you.

I’m really sorry for you small business owners who believed the hype. It’s alright. There’s hope for you yet.

All this SEO shit changes all the time, and if you want Google to love you, you’re going to have to keep playing their game. True SEO experts can help you with that.

One thing that doesn’t change is you need a website that is amazing that search engines will love. I can help you out with that.

Comments, questions and suggestions can be left in the normal section below. You know the drill.

Photo credits: Mmm… Bacon!, dacotahsgirl