Is Your Business Doing Social Media Right?

Screaming from the rooftops
Screaming from the rooftops isn’t doing social media right
I love it when people say they want to be seen as “socially aware” or “social” on their website. It means they understand the world we live in and the fact that people are using the internet and social media channels to choose products and services more than ever. How your business or persona is seen on social channels plays a huge role in the decisions people make.

As excited as I get about a client like this, there’s usually a disconnect between what they think socially aware means, what it actually is and how your business is going to reap the benefits of it.

Here are 5 ways you’re doing social media wrong:

More Than Follow and Sharing Icons

Being social means actually interacting with people, both online and offline. It’s fine to have a few buttons where people can go to the social networks you want to have a presence on. But what happens when they get there? Does it look like you haven’t used the account in a few months? That’s not social, is it?

Having sharing icons on your site gives others the opportunity to be social with you. They’d be telling their followers about your awesome piece of content.

When they share your content, it doesn’t make you social, it makes THEM social.

Being social with donuts
Being social with donuts

Hashtags have their purpose. They’re used on social channels to give people something to categorize the topic their post was about. Users of Twitter were really the first to start using it, but now other social networks are using them. You can read more about hashtags here.

Just because you stick 10 hashtags on your tweet doesn’t make you social. It makes you a douchebag.

Don’t be a douchebag.

Just Having an Account Isn’t Social

Having 15 different social media profiles isn’t social if you never use them. Liken it to having 15 different phones but never calling anyone.

What’s the point?

Use the accounts. Connect with people. Speak with your customers. For a small business, there’s really no other point. Technology has given you a direct line into your customers’ lives by letting you connect to them on their computers, phones and tablets. Take advantage of it.

An excellent example of someone doing this is UFC President Dana White. Watch this interview of Dino Dogan interviewing Dana White and learn how he uses Twitter to help him run his multi-billion dollar company.

Anything you can learn from that?

Only Re-Share Evergreen Content

Re-sharing old content is awesome. It lets new followers see some of the stuff you wrote before they started following you. It’s ok to re-share something you wrote 3 years ago, as long as it’s still relevant. There’s a term for content that has a long shelf-life and it’s called evergreen content.

Understand your industry and your content. Have things evolved to a point where something you wrote a while back no longer applies? Please don’t re-share it on social networks. It’s not good for your followers and it’s definitely not good for you. You’ll look like the times have passed you by and no one wants that.

What can you do? UPDATE IT. Then re-share it!

Use Social Media for Good, Not Evil

Your customers will be reading what you post, tweet, plus, etc. You really want them to read your complaints about some customer you had today or how you made so much money on one sale that you can take the rest of the year off? Definitely not.

Stay positive. Talk about how you helped a customer or client. Were you able to put a family into the home of their dreams or maybe you helped a non-profit get off the ground? People everywhere love to hear that!

Tell them about it and talk about it.

Is Your Business Doing Social Media Right?

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Have you made any of the above mistakes? What have you seen others do that makes you cringe? Let me know in the comments below.