1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      It’s looking like it’s going to be a 4 or 5 parter. There should be a new part every couple of days. It’s been a fun process so far!

  1. Jay

    Glad to find your blog while looking for reviews for Dynamik!
    I will definitely follow the rest of the series!

  2. Marc Collet

    man you are a life saver! I have been searching for a tutorial series like this all my uhm…well….some time now 😉 I think it is great however I cannot download your sliced version of the PSD.maybe in tutorial 2. Great work…I’ll recommend you to others without any doubt.

  3. brushart123

    Excellent collection and nice post. Very helpful for me. I am waiting for your another post. Keep blogging.

  4. David Trees

    Hey Ozzy,

    Thanks mate for these tutorials. I am new to WP (1 year now), Genesis FW (this week), Dynamik (yesterday…LoL)

    I really enjoyed your 4 videos on YT for this tutorial.

    I found them before coming to this site. I don’t have PS CS4/5/6. I only have PS Elements. So I am hoping that will do for now.

    I really like the way you’ve created your videos. The speed you move through them, the tone of your voice and the how clearly you speak is allll good. Thanks. I am a trainer myself so I really enjoy hearing people who understand the power of good, steady, speech when training.

    I will try to follow the instructions and create this tute on my sandbox site, off my main site.

    I would love more and more tutorials on design stuff with Dynamik. I didn’t know about PSD Templates and Dynamik/WP until two days ago when I watched your first video (pt2). Saying that, I would have valued a video on loading the psd files into the mock site. I assume it’s the same as loading any other images into the media library.

    Oh and I love how that top bar sticks and is transperant with your nav pages listed on it… How did you do that Ozzy? Is it part of a theme? Or… Did you create it from scratch in Genesis and Dynamik?

    Thanks again so much for investing some of your precious time into our small, new business here in the UK and soon, in Australia as we’re selling up and moving home after 17 years.


    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      Thank you for your kind words, David.

      My site is a custom theme I designed for use on my site. The header is using what is commonly known as a sticky header. The transparency is done using on opacity on the background.

      I hope you enjoy Genesis and Dynamik as much as I do!

      1. David Trees

        Hey Ozzy,

        Thanks for your reply. It must be early in the morning in San Jose. A friend of mine in Sydney grew up in San Jose. I just tried to slice up the PSD file with Photoshop Elements It doesn’t quite do it. It missed the candy canes on the side of the banner/slider image. It got the rest but it also has two red lines through each of the images.

        Not knowing much about PSD files and using it I am not sure about this. I have downloaded and checked it against you images.

        Slicy works a treat though. Thanks for the heads up.


          1. David Trees

            Just checked it out. I cannot slice using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. Not to worry. For this project you did it for me. Thinks I might need to get me a copy CS4 or 5 soon.

            Ahhh The Old Sticky Header Trick… Well done 99. 😉


    Hello! Mr Ozzy, we are a huge fan of you and your tutorial, Your work is great and our company appreciate your services, Well, Ozzy, we are working on our website, that is built on genesis framework with dynamic genesis website builder, but we are in trouble about coding, we want to add a full width image in genesis_after_header using genesis custom section, where we will add a custom code or hook then publish that image with custom height and width. please provide us useful codes and or some hooks and tips which help-full for us. thank you.

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      Hi Asad!

      I was just replying to your email.

      I have no problems helping out with the tutorial but I don’t provide free support on my site for things unrelated to the content.

      For that reason, you should check out the forums on Studiopress and Cobalt apps for the kind of free help you’re looking for.

      I hope you’re able to find the help you need!

  6. Sandra

    Hi Ozzy, thank you for your tutorial. I was just wondering, for the psd file, do you use something like a 16 column layout? What are the sized of the basic psd? Do you have a template, that you can adjust yourself, with the sizes of the colomns, headers etc.? I used to build all my website starting off with a psd, but that was only when I did html / css. Now with wordpress I’m a bit lost.. thanks again for all your info.

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