1. JJ

    This is awesome, what unreal timing… I JUST was ready to start designing my site with WP+Genesis+Dynamik (and actually Woo Commerce as well, maybe u can add that in your next tutorial?) and I already see my big mistake… I USED to design in PS first, then slice out graphics and either hand code or use DW, but I had to make the necessary switch to WP, and thought, I cant do it that way anymore. However you are proving to me that I CAN still design in PS first and then slice up and do the same thing as before, awesome! The only thing is, when I now design it in PS, do I need to keep anything in mind that takes into account certain “limitations” of the W+G+D combo, or not really? I know HTML and a little CSS but rather not touch it going forward.

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      I’m glad you’re finding the tutorial useful! I do most of my WordPress theme development by starting in PS first and I think it’s the best way. The limitations for the WordPress, Genesis and Dynamik combo are based on your knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you don’t have too much knowledge in these areas but have the patience to learn as you go, then the limits will fall, it’ll just take you a little longer to get there at first! So, in my opinion, just use your best judgement when designing in PS depending on how much time and effort you’d like to put into the development.

      Maybe in the future, I’ll do a tutorial on integrating WooCommerce into Genesis and doing some styling. From what I hear, the plugin available to connect the two is pretty good and straightforward.

  2. JJ

    Thanks Ozzy, I will just start with what u have here, and maybe I can modify them for my needs…. I just hope the Woo stuff doesnt screw it up.

  3. monicapruett

    Is it possible to take an elegant theme, copy the code (kinda like applying a skin) to recreate the theme in its entirety, and use Dynamik to change the homepage only? I have a developer’s package with elegant themes so I have access to everything, I just want to make some changes to the home page. I like everything about my theme, I’d just like to change the featured slider to fit on the left hand side instead of completely across the page. Of course, this means I have to move some other stuff around too. Your thoughts?

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      Yes, it’s possible but could prove to be rather difficult.

      As with most things, it all depends on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to dedicate to the project.

  4. Kevin

    Noticed a couple more things to note for anyone trying to follow the tutorial:

    1. As of Genesis 2.1, the Primary Navigation Extras options have been removed for new installs. See following link for work-around: http://my.studiopress.com/snippets/nav-extras/

    2. XML import will not download the sample graphic images because they are hosted on a defunct website

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