1. Noam

    Hey Ozzy.
    I really enjoyed watching these tutorials. I am a designer who never fully learned HTML and CSS. When I went to design school HTML wasn’t mandatory… I have been working with WordPress for a couple of years now, but I never thought that I could take a PSD and make a site look and feel exactly as I envisioned. Dynamik seems to be able to answer all my needs. Watching your tutorial I was amazed at how easy you made it look.
    I noticed that you would often add custom CSS. My question is how do you suggest I could become proficient enough with CSS to work with Dynamik without limitations. Is there a simple answer to that?

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      There’s no simple answer to that. It’s much like if someone were to ask you how you to learn to design something in Photoshop or Illustrator without limitations.

      There’s plenty of sites that teach you CSS basics and some advanced CSS techniques. There are some tutorials out there that teach you to do certain things in WordPress, Genesis and Dynamik.

      From my experience, the best way to become proficient in something is by doing it or learning from those who know how to do it. My best advice would be to keep at it. Find something you want to do and then work on figuring out a way to do it. If you follow a tutorial, try and figure out why they did what they did and what effect it had.

  2. Razak

    Hey Ozzy! great work with the tutorials. I haven’t found anything else like it online so really really appreciate it!

    One question though. I am doing this now on genesis 2.0, but have come across a few problems:

    1. the “enable extras on right side” option is not there. (nor is fancy dropdowns), So i just chose “search form” from the dropdown menu. Is there a workaround for this, because although I now have the search form there, it wont change shape (to the picture added) and I cant adjust where the box moves, but the text moves as per your instructions.

    2. This isnt really an issue, but the menu was alright to the right. But the front-end css builder never really saves the work. when you refresh it is all gone.

    What has been your experience with genesis 2.0 + dynamik? I think it is great, but just not working exactly as I thought it would – due to finding great resources like yours!


    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      Hi Razak! Thanks for the kind words!

      To answer your questions:

      1) To see the enable extras on right side, you need to create a custom menu and assign it to the Primary Menu Location. Fancy dropdowns can be turned on in HTML5 mode by going to Genesis > Dynamik Settings > General Settings and scrolling down and checking off “Enable Genesis Menu Fancy Dropdowns”. If you don’t have HTML5 turned on, then turning them on would be under Genesis > Theme Settings.

      2) Are you sure you’re putting your CSS in the right area? There’s two areas where you can add CSS. The first you can edit all you wish but it won’t save. The one below will save. There’s a button on the top editor where you can add it to the custom CSS.

      As far as my experience wit Genesis 2.0 and Dynamik, I view it as pretty much the same as before 2.0. Both have seen updates but not a ton, so a little bit of learning curves and then off to the races again!

      1. Petrik

        I also have the issue with point 1. I can manage get the search form up but suspect the ID’s and Classes are not the same, hence the css code in the article not working.

        Great tutorial BTW

          1. Petrik

            I have the search form on the page but not able to make the css work to get it replaced with the search graphic.

          2. Ozzy Rodriguez

            If you turn HTML5 off, then it’ll work, Petrik. I’m working on a new tutorial series for HTML5.

            The CSS selectors with HTML5 turned on are different.

          3. Petrik

            Looking forward to the new tutorials. Any ETA on those?

            Meanwhile I’ll switch HTML5 off and see how I go.

  3. myndflyte


    Love the tutorials you have up and I’m trying to follow along to add the search bar on the right side of the navigation menu. I’m able to follow along until you got to Theme settings and click allow content on right side under Navigation settings.

    I don’t have navigation settings under my theme settings and I’ve scoured everywhere and there seems to be no check box that says allow content on right side.

    I’m running versions:
    Wordpress: 3.9.1
    Genesis: 2.1.2
    Dynamik: 1.6.1

    Do you have any advise on where I can get the search bar to show up on the right side of the navigation bar? Thanks!

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