1. Damien


    This is a fantastic tutorial, absolutely amazing. Thank you for creating the series. I have only one question. How did you figure out the custom CSS selectors you are using to modify the homepage like #home-hook-wrap and the like? is there a reference somewhere?

  2. Kristal Norton

    Amazing tutorial, thank you so much! Everything seems pretty straight forward, except for the occasional crazy css you’re putting together! lol Is there a cheat sheet of all the names for each area in Dynamik? How do you find the names for the areas you need to add css to such as .ez-home #inner, #home-hook-wrap, etc?

  3. Tim Squires

    Hi Ozzy, I can’t get the widget background on the home page to go full width across the site with the brown background. When I paste your code in, the brown background vanishes completely. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for your great tutorials.

      1. Tim Squires

        Thanks Ozzy, I have uploaded the site from my local server to a live server so that you can see it.

        You’ll notice a few errors (with the nav and slider for example), but don’t worry about those – the error that I’m most concerned with is the widget background. When I add in the code, the brown background that is there at the moment just vanishes.

        Here is the link:

        1. Ozzy Rodriguez

          First, you have HTML5 selected and this tutorial was made using the old markup.

          Second, you’ve added the background to the wrong place. You’ve added it to #home-hook-wrap but it should’ve been added to .ez-home #inner (for HTML5 it should be .ez-home .site-inner).

          Also, don’t forget to add the max-width to the individual classes as I’ve pointed out in the tutorial as that will make the widths work.

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