1. flexperception

    Interesting that the Genesis Sample theme (“template version 1.9”) – although I have another template that is better and farther behind, uses the 1152px grid. Very difficult thing to do to talk to your web designer and have them understand these concepts, when I can’t really clearly define them. Such is the life of a web developer in the world of rapidly evolving web design trends, though

    1. Ozzy Rodriguez

      The cool is that changing the grid on Genesis and a ton of other themes is that the columns are percentage based on the container that contains them. So if you change the wrap from 1140 or 1152 to something else, the columns will still work, just on a new grid.

      1. flexperception

        absolutely, I think the larger thing I’m working around is that my designer does not do grid based design, pretty much just throws it on the canvas, heh. And trying to adapt that to Genesis and make it pixel perfect (not truly a huge concern)

          1. flexperception

            Right on, BTW: I found this page searching for grid templates for Photoshop -> Genesis *cough cough*

            haha. Cheers~

          2. Ozzy Rodriguez

            i actually have a couple for different grids. i should probably upload them so designers have a grip on where to start from…

          3. flexperception

            right on, BTW: I found this page by searching for PSD grid templates for Genesis *cough cough*. JK.


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