WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting from an Experienced, Trusted Professional

Do you struggle with any of the following problems with your current web hosting service?

  • You encounter occasional site outages, but have no time to handle them
  • Your hosting service is cheap, but you think something better might be available
  • The service runs slower than you would like
  • Whenever you contact technical support, you either don’t receive an answer or it takes too long to find one
  • You simply don’t have the time to manage all the tasks related to your hosting service

To solve these problems, you need the help of an experienced professional who knows exactly how to manage each one. With more than a decade of experience designing and hosting websites for businesses of all types, I know how to help you find solutions to these problems and any others that may arise with your hosting service.

I will manage all aspects of hosting your website at Pagely. If there’s a problem, I’ll either fix it for you or work with support to find a solution.

If you would like reliable, fast, and scalable web hosting you don’t have to worry about, contact me online.

The Best WordPress Hosting Solution: Pagely

The digital world is filled with thousands of hosting solutions, each of which has their own advantages and disadvantages. But, one hosting service stands above them all: Pagely.

This hosting service was designed especially for websites using WordPress, and here’s why I recommend it:

  • Lightning fast: Because Pagely is designed specifically for WordPress sites, it loads them faster than any other service, and your customers demand speed.
  • Scales easily: Some hosts take your site offline for exceeding traffic limits. Pagely never does. It’s set up to scale quickly if large amounts of traffic suddenly arise.
  • Awesome support: I’ll take care of the hosting problem, if possible. If I can’t, Pagely has a stellar support team that quickly responds to any questions.
  • Free hacking fixes: Pagely has great security in place, but just like any other host, it’s not perfect. If your site is hacked, they’ll fix it at no extra charge.
  • Easy backup: Everything has to be backed up, just in case. Pagely makes backup easy and secure – it takes just one click and doesn’t cost anything extra.

With my skills and abilities and Pagely’s great service, you can completely forget about hosting.

If you would like a low-maintenance hosting solution you can rely on, contact me with your hosting needs.