WordPress Maintenance

Take Care of Your WordPress Website for the Long-Term

What do you do when you buy a new car? You don’t have to do too much to it initially, but you do have to perform routine maintenance to ensure it continues to run well for several years. You change the oil, replace the brakes, wash it regularly, and fix any mechanical problems that occur.

The same idea applies to your website: after your design is complete, you continue to perform maintenance to ensure visitors find it an engaging, useful place to browse. Specifically, web maintenance services include the following:

  1. Updating the WordPress system and plugins – Sometimes these can cause issues with the performance or function of your website and require web development skills to repair.
  2. Backing up your website data – If your site’s data is ever lost by your hosting service, the backup replaces that data. It doesn’t occur often, but it does happen.
  3. Reducing security risks – Whenever updates or changes are made to WordPress new security threats may present themselves. A developer identifies these risks and reduces your site’s vulnerability to them.
  4. Keeping pace with Google – Google changes its algorithm 200 – 300 times per year. I use my web development skills to ensure your site’s coding and navigation remains friendly to both visitors and search engines.
  5. Updating your website as needed – WordPress is the simplest and most intuitive of all content management systems, but sometimes, you still need the skills of a web developer to make the visual changes you want.
  6. Optimizing your site’s speed – Sometimes, updates or changes you choose to make reduce your site’s speed. Other times, technology decides to work differently. Finally, you might also begin encountering high traffic levels. Whatever slows your site speed, I can determine the source of the problem and help it run quickly once again.

Receive Honest, Reliable Service from an Experienced Professional

When it comes to web maintenance, it’s important to have a relationship with someone you trust. I emphasize honest, open communication with all clients. If something’s not in your best interest, I’ll let you know why and help you identify a better solution.

If you need a professional with more than a decade of experience to keep your website operating smoothly and efficiently, contact me online.